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“TEPLIS" SPRAY-ON HEAT INSULATION (spray nozzle included) is designed for heat and sound insulation of facades, loggias, verandas, mansards,attics, basements, pipelines and other utility supply Lines,and systems, isothermal wagons,vans and analogi¬cal vehicles, garage and warehouse gates, industrial buildings and structures. Made of special polymer materials (not to be confused with sealing foam). Excellent adhesion to all construction materials. It does not require pre-leveling of the surface, installation of the frame, sealing, auxiliary materials and tools. Low thermal conductivity. Is not pervious and does not absorb moisture. “TEPLIS” is easy to use, does not require special skills (adjustable thickness of the insulation layer is up to 3 m2 and thickness of 2 cm).Seamless insulation.no thermal bridges. Great for use in hard to reach places. Maximum penetrates into all joints and cracks of the insulated surface. FOR INSULATION OF: FLOORS PARTITIONS BALCONIES FACADES FOUNDATIONS GARAGES ATTICS VANS TANKS RESERVOIRS WAGON HOUSES PROFILED SHEET STRUCTURES 1000 ML VOLUME

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